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Welcome to

Here you will find information about me, and my work as an image manipulator, graphic designer and web developer.

My name is Rocío López-Bretzlaff, I am of Mexican origin living, for many years now, in Canada. My place of residence is the city of Edmonton, province of Alberta.  I am also a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a graphic designer, a web developer, an enthusiastic digital photographer and a computer workalcoholic among other things.

In the browsing, you will find more about me as an individual, with a diversity of life experiences, a passion for maintaining and developing a creative career and a commitment to a life-long learning journey.

Through these pages I share with visitors, like you, the result of hours of enjoyable but hard work spent at the computer, manipulating images to an artistic concept of my own liking and branding them as ArtEx Photographs (or Artistically
Expressed photographs). These images, as well as the slide shows in which they are presented, have been an on-going project that started many years ago.

The images presented throughout this website form part of my portfolio. If you are interested in obtaining copies of any of these images, please send me a note.

So go ahead and visit.  At the end, your comments are most welcomed.

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